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What do we do?

Professional Mediation provides solutions to problems caused by conflict. Using the skills of Mediation, Negotiation, Investigation and Conflict coaching, our qualified and experienced staff work with you to find those solutions.  Our services are confidential, impartial and cost effective and are provided by skilled and versatile practitioners. We work with business to provide services for problems encountered in the workplace and for individuals in situations involving interpersonal conflict. Our aim is always to save you time, money and to protect relationships. 

We are based in Wollongong but provide mediation, investigation, negotiation and conflict coaching services throughout the Illawarra, NSW South Coast, the ACT and Sydney regions. Services in other locations can also be arranged. 

The law now expects that people in dispute participate in accredited mediation before going to court. This makes sense as the costs to Australian business associated with conflict are greater than $36b per year. Courts cannot referee all of these matters, so alternative means of conflict and dispute resolution is necessary. With a success rate of greater than 90%, using professional mediation to assist with solving your conflict is a sound decision.  We reduce stress and save time, money and relationships and allow everyone involved to focus their time on more productive issues.

Our process generally involves the following steps:

  • Experienced, professional staff conduct preliminary investigations into the matter to identify the issues.

  • We will meet with each party individually to get a complete picture from all perspectives

  • Facilitate a meeting with all parties present to discuss the most appropriate method of managing the conflict.

  • Discuss with everyone involved the most effective way to negotiate a solution

  • Tailor an agreement aligned to meet the goals of the parties.

  • Create a detailed report where necessary

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Work with 2 or more people to find a resolution to workplace conflict and reintroduce a productive work environment. Read More...

Investigations for workplaces highlighted by a magnifying glass image

Determine the reality of a situation or allegation and provide professional advice on next steps. Fraud, sexual harassment, bullying and other activities creating risk to business. Read More...

Negotiation and Mediation results in agreement

Working through principles, strategies and tactics, we assist to find outcomes in commercial matters or personal issues. Read More...

Professional Mediation teaches people how to think more effectively about conflict resolution

Conflict Coaching

Assisting your people to manage conflict difficulties in a way which will become positive for them and the business. Read More...

We specialise in working with Local and state government entities to manage workplace conflict through mediation and investig

Local & State Government

Local and state government departments and organisations often experience a high degree of conflict and require the expertise of an external practitioner to solve the problems. Having vast experience in working with numerous departments ensures Professional Mediation staff are effective in addressing the real issues.

We specialise and have experience in conflict resolution through mediation and investigation for emergency services.

Emergency Services

As experienced practitioners who have worked within emergency services we have an understanding of the many issues of conflict which can arise in the sector. Data shows the likelihood of conflict in the emergency services to be significantly higher than in other occupations.

Board of Directors

Professional Mediation provides conflict resolution services for Boards of Directors

We are AICD qualified and experienced in working with and on boards both in the NFP and Corporate sector. We assist with conflicts of interest, failure to maintain governance standards, sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination between directors and engaging in conflict with the operational staff within an organisation.


We also have full qualifications and experience in working with other businesses and people struggling with the effects of conflict.

Investigation requires qualified assessment of evidence

Legal Firms

We work collaboratively with many legal firms as a trusted external partner. As legal qualified practitioners, we have a deep knowledge of and experience in understanding the culture of the law and are able to work confidentially with legal firms to manage sensitive commercial matters.

We provide Mediation, conflict coaching and investigations services to Universities, schools and other education businesses.

Education Sectors

Our staff have senior management experience within the higher education sector and so have that cultural understanding of the Universities. We have undertaken significant works with a number of universities and provided highly viable solutions to problems experienced at all levels of professional and academic staff.

Sporting Organisations

Professional Mediation has experience in solving workplace conflict with sporting organisations.

Our prior experience working at senior executive level in state sports organisations allows Professional Mediation staff to understand the issues and where they sit within the organisations. This understanding and experience saves money and time when it comes to finding genuine solutions to conflict.

Professional Mediation
Professional Mediatons David Toill is a member of the National Mediation Accreditation Network
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Professional Mediation is a member of the Resolution Institute

Let us assist you...

David Toll is an accredited Conflict Coach with Cinergy.
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