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About us

Professional Mediation provides skilled, confidential, impartial and cost effective mediation services for problems encountered in the workplace and in situations of disputes involving wills and estates. Our aim is to save you time, money and protect relationships. 


We are based in Wollongong but provide mediation, investigation and negotiation services throughout the Illawarra, NSW South Coast, the ACT and Sydney regions. Services in other locations can also be arranged. 


The law now requires that people in dispute participate in accredited mediation before going to court. This makes sense as more than 70% of mediations reach an agreeable outcome. Mediation reduces stress and saves money and relationships. For businesses it allows everyone involved to focus their time on more productive issues.


Our process generally involves the following steps:

  • Experienced, professional staff conduct preliminary investigations into the matter to identify the issues.

  • We will meet with each party individually to get a complete picture from all perspectives

  • Facilitate a meeting with all parties present to negotiate a solution

  • Formulate an agreement and create a report where necessary




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