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Finding a practical solution to solve workplace problems caused by conflict is our objective. We use mediation, investigation, negotiation and conflict coaching techniques with all parties to find the most workable solution in a cost effective manner.


Highly skilled and experienced staff investigate issues by conducting confidential inquiries into the behaviour of staff in the workplace. These matters could be claims of bullying, sexual harassment, equal opportunity breaches, discrimination or other areas of interpersonal conflict.


We investigate all aspects of an issue and make appropriate recommendations on a course of action that complies with appropriate industrial legislation. Our investigators have addressed ICAC referrals and issues for the NSW Fair Work Commission.







Our work in mediation involves facilitating discussions between two or more parties who have a disagreement; usually involving a workplace-related issue. Or it can be about other issues like a dispute over wills and estates. The aim of the process is to arrive at a result which is acceptable to all parties and to avoid the time and expense associated with going to court.


This process is complex and requires a skilled and experienced practitioner with national accreditation. As well as solving the problem, our team will work with the organisation to assist with building conflict resilience for the future which has proven extremely beneficial. 




Negotiation is the process by which two or more parties who perceive a difference in interests of perspective, attempt to reach an agreement. Malhoutra 2016. 

Whether the conflict is a contract dispute within the workplace or a commercial arrangement, or if its a legal issue about damages or if its about the content of a will; the conflict is always about people. As qualified and experienced practitioners graduated from the Harvard law school negotiation training program, we work with people through the principles, strategies and tactics to effectively negotiate acceptable outcomes to often very complex and emotional circumstances.




Conflict coaching in the workplace

Workplace conflict coaching is provided for individuals who have been or are involved in situations of conflict or dispute. Coaching might, for example, involve preparing staff for a mediation, or facilitating the return to work of a colleague involved in a conflict situation. Coaching can also be used to train staff to identify and manage future or reoccurring conflict in the workplace. Professional Mediation has a particular focus on helping organisations become more conflict resilient and training for groups of people is available to assist in this area.



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