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Investigation Services

Investigation in the workplace


Professional Mediation's highly skilled and experienced staff investigate issues by conducting confidential inquiries into the behaviour of staff in the workplace.  We investigate all aspects of an issue and make appropriate recommendations on a course of action that complies with appropriate industrial legislation. Our investigators have addressed ICAC referrals and issues for the NSW Fair Work Commission.

When the investigation is complete based on the facts of the matter, recommendations are made as to how to best address the issue. As professional investigators and legally qualified practitioners with a breadth of experience and knowledge, our recommendations are practical and will ensure your organisation is protected against risk. Our objective is to ensure your business has a solution to the problem but also becomes more resilient in the future because of the experience in working with Professional Mediation.


Professional Mediation has conducted investigations into issues such as:

  • Bullying 

  • Sexual harassment

  • Equal opportunity breaches

  • Discrimination or other areas of interpersonal conflict

  • Stealing, fraud

  • Assault


Professional Mediation conducts workplace investigations
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