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Free Workplace Conflict Survey

Free Workplace Conflict Survey

Do you as an organisational leader, or your line managers know if your staff are being bullied, harassed, sexually harassed or discriminated against? The statistics tell us that even though you may feel on top of this issue, its pretty likely that you are not correct. Statistics tell us that conservatively, between 7 and 15% of the Australian Workforce feels bullied and roughly 1 in 3 employees feel that they have been sexually discriminated against or harassed in the workplace.  This represents a significant number of people, so if you assume that close to 25% of your staff are experiencing these issues, it would be a reasonably safe assumption.

So, what is the likely outcome of this reality? Your staff will suffer through depression, anxiety, health related issues like post-traumatic stress and suicidal thoughts. The outcome for your business is that they will immediately become less productivity (up to 50%), they will be tied up in associated workplace conflict rather than attending to tasks, there will be a resultant lack of confidence in management by the staff members team and then about 50% of staff involved in conflict will leave.

Until 30 June, I am prepared to offer the opportunity to get to understand the real status of your workforce in terms of their exposure to these types of workplace conflicts and what they think of your organisation’s ability to manage conflict effectively. This offer is completely free. I assure your staff anonymity and will include recommendations and strategies for you to engage with to improve and build resilience against these issues for the future.

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