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Professional Mediation Director


David Toll LLB, MBA, GAICD

David Toll is the director and principal practitioner at Professional Mediation Pty Ltd. He is experienced, nationally accredited and has successfully found solutions to disputes arising within private companies, local and state government organisations, schools and universities, law firms, emergency services, sporting organisations and Boards.


David has a law degree, Masters in business administration, company directorship and a range of other academic qualifications. He is also a former detective, business owner and has worked in senior executive roles for a range of organisations and with and on Boards. David is an accredited Mediator, Investigator, Conflict coach and has undertaken negotiation and leadership training at Harvard Law School. Having witnessed the impact of unresolved conflict in the workplace (Lost productivity, damaged relationships and physical and emotional ill-health) David established Professional Mediation to proactively address workplace conflict. David’s ability to successfully work with individuals and entities across numerous situations to create common sense and acceptable solutions have proven extremely beneficial to the individuals involved but also have allowed the organisations to grow and improve workplace culture. David is always happy to have informal obligation-free conversations about the services Professional Mediation provides, or to suggest strategies to approach a problem or circumstance.

David is a member of The Resolution Institute (formerly LEADR) the leading professional body in NSW for mediation and dispute resolution, and is a panel member for alternative dispute resolution with the NSW Police Service and the NSW small business ombudsman. He subscribes to the code of ethics underpinning the practice of mediation and carries full insurance as a practicing mediator and subscribes to the code of conduct for all accredited services.

Professional Mediation. David Toll. Principal Mediator
David Toll is a member of the Resolution Institute
David Toll is an accredited member of the National Mediators Accreditation Scheme
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