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About us

Professional Mediation conduct mediations, investigations, negotiations and conflict coaching throughout the Illawarra, ACT, South Coast and Sydney regions.


Professional Mediation provides skilled, confidential, impartial and cost efficient mediation for businesses and organisations or for individuals involved in conflict matters like disputes over wills and estates.

Professional Mediation practitioners are experienced, fully qualified, accredited and insured. We follow the relevant codes of conduct for each discipline. Engaging us is a holistic approach which will not only address the problem but will benefit your organisation for the future.


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What we do?

Mediation: work with 2 or more people to find a resolution to workplace conflict and reintroduce a productive work environment.


Determine the reality of a situation or allegation and provide professional advice on next steps. Fraud, sexual harassment, bullying and other activities creating risk to business. 

Negotiation: Working through principles, strategies and tactics, we assist to find outcomes in commercial matters or personal issues.

Conflict Coaching: Assisting your people to manage conflict difficulties in a way which will become positive for them and the business.

Who do we work with?

Legal firms, Boards of Directors, Education sector, local or state governments, emergency services, NFP's  are groups with which we have specialist knowledge. We also have full qualifications and experience in working with other businesses and people struggling with the effects of conflict. Please see our testimonials page.


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