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Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching in the workplace

We have a lot of conflict in Australian workplaces which includes bullying and harassment and our leaders are not very good at dealing with it. At an annual cost of $36b to the Australian economy, surely we should aim to do better? CPP Global Human Capital report states that 85% of people experience conflict at work (which includes harassment in all of its forms) and 29% of Australian workers do so regularly. 46% of managers think they handle conflict well but less that 23% of non managers agree with that statement. 


Professional Mediation through our accredited coaches, provide workplace conflict coaching for individuals who have been or are involved in situations of conflict or dispute. Coaching might, for example, involve preparing staff for a mediation, or facilitating the return to work of a colleague involved in a conflict situation. Coaching can also be used to train staff to identify and manage future or reoccurring conflict in the workplace. Professional Mediation has a particular focus on helping organisations become more conflict resilient and training for groups of people is available to assist in this area.



Workplace Mediations involves expertly managing workplace conflict.
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