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Mediation Services

Mediation in the workplace


Qualified, accredited and experienced Mediators conduct voluntary and confidential mediations within a variety of workplaces. Our processes are tailored to the needs of the circumstance and your business. We react quickly and in a cost effective way. Our objective is to assist find a solution to the issue and to leave the organisation in a state of greater resilience to be able to deal with future conflict as it arises.


Our work in mediation involves facilitating discussions between two or more parties who have a disagreement; usually involving a workplace-related issue. Or it can be about other issues like a dispute over wills and estates. The aim of the process is to arrive at a result which is acceptable to all parties and to avoid the time and expense associated with going to court.


This process is complex and requires a skilled and experienced practitioner with national accreditation. Some of the issues we have mediated previously are common such as:

  • Difficulties with a return to work circumstance

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Interpersonal conflicts

  • Leadership or cultural problems

  • Disputes with contracts either internal or external.

You may well ask, 'does workplace mediation work?' Statistics from the Resolution institute indicate that mediation will result in a positive outcome in more than 70% of the time. Professional Mediation reports reaching an agreement in around 90% of cases.



Professional Mediation conducts workplace mediations and facilitations.
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